Warren County Farmers Fair Quilts "County Fair" and "Sunbeam"

Barn Information

Quilt: County Fair "In honor of Tom Planer"

Quilt: Sunbeam Quilt Block

Warren County Fairgrounds Association
Office of the Fairgrounds
County Road 519 North
Harmony, NJ 08865

Fair History:

The first fair was organized in 1859 by a newly formed group with the impressive title of "The Warren County Farmers' Mechanics' and Manufacturers' Association". The fair was held on a 20 acre piece of ground located just south of Belvidere on what is today Route 519.

The fair continued until 1882 but because of public criticism and falling receipts, the fair was discontinued, and the land returned to the family from whom the ground had been leased.

In 1890 another diversion was introduced in Belvidere, called the "Farmers' Picnic". It was held, usually, at the county park opposite the court house in the very center of town. Special trains brought people from the outreaches for the one-day affair. Politicians attended to shake hands and make speeches. Woodrow Wilson, running for the New Jersey governorship, appeared n 1910 and drew 40,000 people. In 1935, when the National Bank of Blairstown was robbed by a band of desperadoes, nobody notices; most of Blairstown was at the Farmers' Picnic.

Unfortunately, the drunkenness and vice that marred the original events soon appeared at this one. In 1937, to the relief of almost everyone, the Farmers' Picnic was discontinued.

A few years earlier, the Farm Bureau and the county Board of Agriculture had begun holding an exhibit at Butlers Park on the banks of the lovely Musconetcong River in Washington Township. With the passing of the Farmers' Picnic, this event was expanded but with the agricultural emphasis retained. Four-H activities were introduced here for the first time. These exhibits and machinery and animal displays attracted the county's farmers and their families. The crowd increased in size, and, in 1949, the event was moved to a larger property in Harmony Township. In 1951, the fair association purchased land for fairgrounds nearby, which became the Warren County Fairs' present location.

Traditional Arts Building:

The Traditional Arts Building is the name of the structure on which the Sunbeam Barn Quilt is displayed. During the Fair a Traditional Arts Expo is held at which time the Fair attendees are given an opportunity to explore the riches of our American handicraft heritage though live demonstrations and displays. Two Quilt Guilds, the Evening Star Quilters Guild and the Hunterdon County Quilters Guild display their members quilted items along with the Warren County needle Arts Guild, the Lost Art Lacers and a fiber artist.

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Mission Statement
The mission of the Barn Quilt Association of New Jersey is to provide a sustainable heritage tourism attraction/activity while preserving and celebrating the unique agriculture, history, and arts culture of our area through visual combinations of barns and quilt designs, to educate the public and showcase our Garden State.

Founding Sponsors

Founding Partnerships Include:

NJ Museum of Agriculture
Blue Ridge Lumber
Hope Area Chamber of Commerce
Moravian Grange #187
Stewartsville Grange #121